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Good day!

I'm am currently running into a slight issue with the LookAtIK component.

My character has the following Final IK components on it:

- Full Body Biped IK

- Interaction System

- LookAtIK

I assigned the LookAtIK component to the Look At > IK field in the Interaction System. When I interact with an object, the character briefly looks at the object then stops looking before the object is even touched. When I set the "pause" option on the object, the character looks away before the pause occurs.

Preferably I would like for the character to stay looking at the object. It would be even better if there was a setting, maybe with some sort of weight curve, that I could apply to allow the character to stop looking after a certain time.



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The LookAt functionality of InteractionSystem is pretty limited, just meant to take care of most of the most common cases. It is supposed to reach weight of 1 by half way through the length of the interaction, then go to 0. So a quick solution might be to increase the length of the interaction by just making one of the curves in InteractionObject longer.

But you might get better results by just not assigning the LookAtIK to the InteractionSystem and controlling it with LookAtController instead (please see the "LookAt Controller" demo).



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