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Just a quick update, I saw the bones being looped through were 21 but it only found 15 or so of those bones, turns out I had some empty game objects at the end of each finger called Index_finger_end which I was able to remove, the error no longer happens but the hands are still bending backwards or completely the wrong way

I got the VRIK Interaction system working almost perfectly, using the Unity Tracked Pose driver Vr system from XR Legacy Input Helpers Package but the handmodel left/right is getting mixed up, the right bindings are happening for the left hand etc so the fingers get bent back but the hand is in the correct position. the VRIK rig has been totally fine up until I started trying the VRIK Interaction System Package (I know it's in alpha)

I have an example project which I have emailed to you separately (using Unity 2020.1.0a14/15)

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It seems the left/right aren't getting mixed but the fingers are bending in a way they should not bend on the left arm and the right arm is offset by a lot! 

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I started again from scratch with my setup and it works fine with your pilot model using my grab interaction cubes/scripts but with my mocap guy model in the example the hands bend the wrong way still! Must be something to do with local rotations on the model.

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I finally fixed the issue, I was trying to pose my character's hands to those of the Pilot models. I had to duplicate the hand bones and set them up as new interactable poses on the objects for it all to work correctly. If you simply try to use the existing example hand poses on the interactable objects with your own character model that isn't the pilot, you may find the poses do not match.

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