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I seriously can not figure out how to get the character controller portion in BLUE actually collide with same things the ragdoll does. I have it to where both ragdoll and controller ignore each others collisions but do not ignore ground. Which the ground is set to and the plane is set too. The character controller itself only has full body ik at default and a single animator set to the included walk animation with rootmotion turned on. So it is walking by itself with no interaction. I put two sphere colliders at the feet on the charactercontroller and it sort of worked but it just was horrible. IS there any way around this because I'm at a dead end of it, if put a controller on it actually spend time with the animations and this still happens, I'd be upset worse than I am now. It's no ones fault here, I just can't figure it out through the documentation.

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If I'm understand correctly it's look like problem with root transform. If you setup puppet master with ik on separate from character controller gameobject then you need sync y position of root (pm + ik) with character controller.

Puppet.targetRoot.position = new Vector3
    characterController.position.y + someSpecificOffsetOfYourProject,


Sorry if I understand problem wrong. All the best in solving this problem. 

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Looks like your character is just missing a character controller. Add a Rigidbody to the target root (the gameobject with the Animator) and a CapsuleCollider. Enable all Freeze Rotation options under Rigidbody constraints so it wouldn't fall over. Also make sure the layer of that capsule is set to ignore collisions with the ragdoll layer in the Layer Collision Matrix.



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