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Hi there,

I have had Puppetmaster for around 4 months now and I am finally starting to integrate it into my simulation software. It has been a lot of work, however overall functionality is absolutely fantastic.

I am currently building my character importing system that utilizes the rootmotion biped ragdoll creator and then I set each character model up through the puppetmaster component. Pretty much everything works great, however, when I go into ragdoll mode (dead on puppetmaster), the left arm of each character model snaps pretty hard. It also looks and snaps even harder/worse when they ragdoll from a shooting pose/animation and it looks insanely clunky. Everything else is near perfect, but no matter what I do, I cannot find what's causing it.

I have made each arm collider much smaller and tried disabling inverse kinematics, however it seems to be a joint problem and I cannot narrow it down and would love some guidance. In particular, when in the aiming pose/animation, the left arm snaps out to the left and then moves normally as it should, but it clearly is snapping out from some kind of binding that the character joint doesn't like.

Any help is appreciated!

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Please try disabling "Enable Angular Limits On Kill" and "Enable Internal Collisions On Kill" under PuppetMaster's State Settings. If either of those takes away the snap, it is either the internal collisions or angular joint limits that cause the snap. It's probably angular limits, if so, try loosening them for the left arm using RagdollEditor.


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Thank you so much!!! I disabled both and that fixed it. I then tried the angular limits off only and it still worked... so I went and adjusted the angular limits on that arm as you suggested and turns out the limits on the left arm and left forearm were backwards (relative to what the right arm showed, which has worked perfect since the start). I mirrored/flipped the limits and my ragdoll works perfect now!!!

Thanks a ton Partel, your asset and support is incredible and I couldn't be happier with the result. Take care and happy holidays.

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