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I have props setup and working, but would also like to implement climbing.
Is there a solution that works best with puppet master?

I was thinking of setting up fixed joints where i want to lock the arm, but wasn't sure if this was something that the asset already solved.



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I don't have a built in system for this, so many ways people could set up a climbing system, can't really make a generic solution useful for all. You can try attach a ConfigurableJoint or FixedJoint between the hand and the climbable object if you need them to be attached. If you need the puppet to hang from that point, you'll also need to unpin it (behaviourPuppet.SetState(BehaviourPuppet.State.Unpinned);) and also set BehaviourPuppet's canGetUp bool to false.


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When setting the state to unpinned, the puppet goes into the writhing position, how would i disable this?
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You'll have to get rid of BehaviourFall, also clear the "Switch To Behaviour" field from BehaviourPuppet's OnLoseBlance event.

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