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Hi! My name is Sam and I am working on a video game project.

We want to use Puppet Master for the knockout and the death effects in a Networked environment. We want to know what is the best way to network Puppet Master on a Peer To Peer setup using Mirror.

Since we want the movements of the ragdoll to be networked, what would you network? The velocity? The states and the modes of Puppet Master?

Thank you for your answers.

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There is a networking example in Plugins/RootMotion/PuppetMaster/_Integration folder. Check out the NetworkPuppet.cs script.

Basically knockOutDistance should be set to Mathf.Infinity and canGetUp should be disabled for the remote instance of BehaviourPuppet. It should receive behavourPuppet.SetState() calls from the owner via RPC. Only do ragdoll syncing while BehavioudPuppet is in Unpinned state. Ragdoll syncing can be done the same as you'd do normal ragdoll syncing without PuppetMaster.



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