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When in the Puppet behavior, if I unpin the puppet for muscle simulation, my IK targets for the hands are no longer correct.

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The IK targets are  shown as yellow spheres, I unpin the puppet once I climb on the wall, and you can see that it no longer accurately goes to the correct place. Also, after getting a distance up the wall, the character setup teleports above me, and im unable to use the raise arms.

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When the puppet is unpinned, you can't use world space IK positions anymore because the ragdoll doesn't match with the animation anymore. You'll have to use the muscle that the arm is connected to (spine or chest) to convert the IK position from world space to muscle space:

Vector3 IKPosRelToChest = chestMuscle.transform.InverseTransformPoint(IKPosition);

IKPosition = chestMuscle.target.TransformPoint(IKPosRelToChest);

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Thanks again for all the help!

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