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I am new to final IK. so hoping someone can just point me in the right direction.  

I am rigging a robot which has 2 main control buttons which are used to position and rotate a tool on a robotic arm.

The bottom button is moved to position the tip of the tool. That defines the tools pivot point :

The top button is moved to rotate the tool around that pivot point:

  I have used hinge joints for the main part of the arm, and that all works OK.   

But not sure how set up the rig to make the arm (hand) rotate around the lower point - using 2 seperate grabbable controls. 

Final IK has so many tools, I would love to hear some advice on which tools you would use to rig this movement, and what shape you would make the IK skeleton.

The goal is that when you move the bottom control, the robotic tool translates but does not rotate.

When you move the top control, the robotic tool rotates (pivoting around the bottom point), but does not translate.

In this way, translation and rotation of the tools pivot point are controlled by 2 seperate grabbable controllers.

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Neither CCD nor FABRIK can solve for both the position and rotation of the target, just not supported by those algorithms. 

If you can update to Unity 2020.1a15, they just added the Featherstone solver to it and that might be the answer to all your prayers.

If you can't use that, I have made a script InverseDynamics.cs that sets up the default PhysX solver to work in a similar way (sort of), please import this package and check it out.



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