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I am using Puppet Master along with Final IK. The feet of my character are very wobbly, especially after an attack. I want to use the Grounder to plant the feet on the ground to stop them from wobbling. The Grounder IK works, but I think the Puppet Master physics are applied after the IK, which causes the feet to not be planted firmly. The attached video shows how the feet wobble on the ground. 

Can the Grounder work with the IK After Physics script? It doesn't seem to let me drop the Grounder component in the IK components list.

Here is a video showing the foot wobble: https://youtu.be/yuDAfMsFN3E 

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Hey, looks familiar, I think you sent me a repro, any way I could see the issue in that?


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I figured this one out. Thanks for the help Pärtel!

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