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I'm currently using a springjoint with my hand as one anchor, and the connected anchor as where I want to pull to.
However, unless I use very small spring values, or large dampers, this pulls the ragdoll apart, and ends to the whole thing glitching out.

How can I fix this so its more stable?


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On character joint (ragdoll limb) set "break force" and "break torque" to the value "Infinity".  Is this what you looking for?
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They are already set to infinity, it appears to be more of a physics resolution issue.
They aren't permanently breaking but are instead being pulled apart and flung back together.
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It is a general ragdoll stability issue that comes from the limitations of PhysX, not PuppetMaster.

Please take a look if there's anything that helps from these guidelines.

Also, if you can update to 2019.3, they added the "Temporal Gauss Seidel" solver type (in Physics Settings), that has much better joint stability.



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