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How is it possible, to transform(animate) the fingers of an old HandPose to a new HandPose with VRIK ?

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Hold on please, I'll make some kind of an example for you...

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Yes, So I started creating VRIKInteractionSystem. It's very raw still, but can already be used. I set it up to work with VRTK. The reason for that is because it is open source and I don't want to start creating a massive library of VR interactions, rather build a tool for just the IK and that can be used with all kinds of custom VR interaction (picking up, pushing, touching, whatever) solutions.

More info in the comments on the _README! gameobject in the VRIK_VRTK scene under "VRIK Interaction System/VRTK Integration".

Here's the package (very alpha stuff)

Requires having VRTK in the project.

I have to go away for a week, which is why I'm sending it to you this raw, but I'll pick up on developing it when I get back. 

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Hey by chance have you developed this package further at all or is this the most recent version?

Also, I have the package up and running. Are you supposed to actually be able to pick up the objects, or are they "glued" to the table when you grab them?

Thanks :)
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Yes, it has been developed some, but I'm currently focusing on major updates to PuppetMaster. The latest I have is here.

Yes, you should be able to pick them up. If still not after updating the package, please write back...



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