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More of a cosmetic change, but still helps with making things clear.

I have added a "group override" under puppet behaviour.  The new Element take the name of the previous element, so if it was foot, then new element is also foot, even when you change the actual element to a different bodypart.

Removing all overrides and then adding them back again, renames all of the elements as "Element 0", Element 1" etc.

Not stopping my work, its just cosmetic however it will help when trying to figure out which element has the bodypart I am looking for.
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Thanks, I have already found this bug and it has been fixed for the next version.

In the meanwhile, go to BehaviourPuppet.cs, on the very bottom, change void OnDrawGizmosSelected to this:

void OnDrawGizmosSelected() {

for (int g = 0; g < groupOverrides.Length; g++) {

groupOverrides[g].name = string.Empty;

if (groupOverrides[g].groups.Length > 0) {

for (int i = 0; i < groupOverrides[g].groups.Length; i++) {

if (i > 0) groupOverrides[g].name += ", ";

groupOverrides[g].name += groupOverrides[g].groups[i].ToString();





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