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I'm using FBBIK because I need to use the InteractionSystem to have my character reach for and grab objects.  But whenever FBBIK is enabled, it appears to lock the character's head in place, in a very specific orientation, sort of looking down at the ground.

I can somewhat override this by adding a LookAt controller and using the IKExecutionOrder component to make sure that LookAt is applied afterwards, but even then, the result is a stupidly coy look, where the character's head is bent down and then sort of tilted to look at the target position.  Again, if I disable FBBIK, the LookAt result looks great... but then I can't reach for and interact with things.

I expected to find a "Head Weight" or something like that on FBBIK, but there is none.  Why is FBBIK insisting on making my character's head turn towards some arbitrary direction, and how can I either make it stop, or change what that direction is?
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I should add that this is reproducible with no IK components active except FBBIK.  I activate the component; my character looks down; deactivate it, she looks up (as she should).  There are no effectors in effect; i.e., Body, both Arms, and both Legs have no Target set and all weights set to 0.  I would expect FBBIK to do nothing under these circumstances, and yet it does: it bends my character's head down.  Why?!

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It turns out there was a HeadEffector prefab tucked away in the hierarchy that I was not aware of.  Removing this object solved the problem.

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