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What would be the best approach to get a prop to work between two separate muscles/joints on an AI model?

My AI character needs to be able to hold a melee type weapon between his two hands (humanoid model). I've tried adding two prop muscles using the same prop, but it doesn't seem to work.

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I noticed that in PropMuscle.cs, there's a TakeOver() method called if another muscle is already attached. That would explain why I can't just attach to PropMuscles to the Prop in question. 

That said, some of the IK demos that I don't have access to with just PuppetMaster seem to attach both arms of a humanoid character to a gun prop, is this some kind of two handed attachment?

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For two handed props, it would be easier to link the secondary hand to the prop with IK. If you have Final IK, there are demos included in the Final IK integration package under Plugins/RootMotion/PuppetMaster/_Integration.

Basically the idea is to use IK on top of PuppetMaster's mapping to fix the hand to the prop (if it has drifted away due to physics).

If not, could try just adding a joint between the secondary hand muscle and the prop muscle, but that joint would have to be unlinked whenever the secondary hand lets go of the prop, so as I said, would be easier to do it with IK.



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