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I am using VRIK with Oculus and i added twist relaxers on Forearms. Is there any case i can avoid this:

With little rotation in my Touch controller my wrist turns in a not normal position. Thank you

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The problem might be that you are able to rotate the Touch controller also using just your fingers without moving the wrist at all and that gives you a lot more range physically, but VRIK doesn't work on the finger level so it has to rotate the wrist to match that rotation.

It could help if you parent a new gameobject to the controller and use that as a Bend Goal for the arm to make the elbow bend towards the negative Z axis of the controller.

Also, adding RotationLimitAngle to the wrist can help hide this problem. The rotation limit needs to be disabled and applied by rotationLimit.Apply() after VRIK solves (normally it would update before VRIK). Here's an example of said script.



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