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first of all thanks for the release of the plugin. I'am building a (VR-)Multiplayer game and my game object is using the VRIK Component. My problem is, that when other players join a game, their VRIK Component seems to mess with the network transformation, so while the plugin is active (on these players), their position get not updated in other clients. When i disable the component in the editor it works like a charme. Thus my question is fairly simple: How do i disable the component on runtime?

I tried to disable it via gameObject.GetComponent<RootMotion.FinalIK.IK>().enabled = false but this doesnt seem to deactivte the component.

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Disabling the component by enabled = false should work, VRIK will not do anything if disabled. Unless you are manually updating it by ik.solver.Update();

Can't think of how VRIK could interfere with the network transform either.

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