The complete Inverse Kinematics solution for Unity

Full Body Biped IK

Final IK includes an extremely flexible and powerful high-speed lightweight Full Body IK solver that can be used for real-time procedural animation modification and an unimaginable variety of animation effects.

Aim IK

Aim IK is the easiest tool for creating character aiming systems or correcting any existing animation-based aiming system.


Grounder is an automatic vertical foot placement and alignment correction system. Grounder works with a wide variety of characters, from basic bipeds to spiders, bots and even quadrupeds.

Interaction System

The Interaction System is designed for creating procedural in-game interactions on the fly.

Rotation Limits

The Rotation Limit components in Final IK can be used independently or together with CCD, FABRIK or Aim IK to create complex constrained rigs for mechanical arms or turrets.

The Algorithms

CCD, FABRIK, Limb IK, Look At IK, Aim IK and others…