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 |\CBendGoalInspectorScene view helper for the LimbIK BendGoal
 |oCConvertToConfigurableJointsConverting 3D joints to ConfigurableJoints
 |oCBehaviourBaseThe base abstract class for all Puppet Behaviours.
 ||oCAnimatorEventCross-fades to an animation state. UnityEvent can not be used for cross-fading, it requires multiple parameters.
 ||\CPuppetEventDefines actions taken on certain events defined by the Puppet Behaviours.
 |oCBehaviourFallBlends between two animation clips in a blend tree depending on the height of the ragdoll from the ground.
 |oCBehaviourPuppetThis behaviour handles pinning and unpinning puppets when they collide with objects or are hit via code, also automates getting up from an unbalanced state.
 ||oCCollisionResistanceMultiplierMultiplies collision resistance for the specified layers.
 ||oCMasterPropsMaster properties for BehaviourPuppet. Options for switching modes and disabling mapping when the Puppet is out of contact.
 ||oCMusclePropsDefines the properties of muscle behaviour.
 ||\CMusclePropsGroupDefines the properties of muscle behaviour for certain muscle group(s).
 |oCBehaviourTemplateThis is just a commented template for creating new Puppet Behaviours.
 |oCSubBehaviourBaseThe sub-behaviours take care of behaviour code reusability. While there can be only one active Puppet Behaviour at a time, that active behaviour can use multiple independent and reusable sub-behaviours simultaneously. For example the SubBehaviourCOM is responsible for calculating everything about the center of mass and can be used by any behaviour or even other sub-behaviours that need CoM calculations. This is the base abstract class for all sub-behaviours.
 |oCBoosterBooster for BehaviourPuppet. Can be used to enhance puppet collision resistance and/or dealing damage to other puppets.
 |oCMuscleUses a ConfigurableJoint to make a Rigidbody follow the position and rotation (in joint space) of an animated target.
 ||oCInternalCollisionIgnoreSettingsDefines which muscles or muscle groups internal collisions are always ignored with.
 ||oCPropsThe main properties of a muscle.
 ||\CStateThe current state of a muscle. While the similar values in the Props should be defined by the user, this multiplies or adds to them and is hidden and intended for being used by the Puppet Behaviours only.
 |oCMuscleCollisionAll the required information when a muscle collides with something.
 |oCMuscleHitHitting muscles via code, usually by raycasting.
 |oCMuscleCollisionBroadcasterFilters and broadcasts collisions with the Muscles to the Puppet Behaviours.
 |oCParticleCollisionHandlerRegisters particle collisions and sends them over to PuppetMaster's MuscleCollisionBroadcaster as raycast hits.
 |oCPropAutomated prop picking up/dropping for the PuppetMaster.
 |oCPropMuscleMuscle that PuppetMasterProps can be attached to.
 |oCPropRootA point in the character's bone hierarchy for connecting props to.
 |oCPuppetMasterThe master of puppets. Enables character animation to be played physically in muscle space.
 |oCPuppetControllerLiteDynamic pin, drag and mapping weight control based on collisions with objects.
 |oCPuppetMasterPropPuppetMaster prop designed to work with Prop Muscles.
 |oCPuppetMasterSettingsThe global master settings and optimizations for all PuppetMasters in the scene. Will only work if an instance of this singleton is added to the scene. If not, the PuppetMasters will use default values.
 |oCRigidbodyControllerAdds force and torque to a Rigidbody to make it follow a target Transform.
 |oCWeightA floating point value that can be used as a simple float or a weight curve evaluated by another floating point parameter.
 |oCBipedRagdollCreatorAutomatically generates a ragdoll for a Biped character.
 |oCBipedRagdollReferencesHolds references to all Transforms required for a biped ragdoll.
 |oCRagdollCreatorContains common functionality and helpers for creating any type of ragdolls.
 |\CRagdollEditorInteractive Scene View ragdoll editor.
 |\CAimPoserInspectorCustom inspector for the Aim Poser for visualizing pose range
 oCBakerBase class for animation bakers, handles timing, keyframing and saving AnimationClips.
 oCGenericBakerBaker for Generic/Legacy animation.
 oCHumanoidBakerBaker for Humanoid animation.
 oCAxisToolsContains tools for working with Axes that have no positive/negative directions.
 oCBipedLimbOrientationsContains the information about which way the limbs should be bent.
 oCBipedReferencesContains references to bones common to all biped characters.
 |\CAutoDetectParamsParams for automatic biped recognition. (Using a struct here because I might need to add more parameters in the future).
 oCCommentsAdding comments to GameObjects in the Inspector.
 oCHierarchyContains tools for working on Transform hierarchies.
 oCInspectorCommentComment attribute for Editor.
 oCInterpClass for various interpolation methods.
 oCLazySingleton< T >Auto-instantiated singleton base class.
 oCShowLargeHeaderIfLarge header attribute for Editor.
 oCLargeHeaderLarge header attribute for Editor.
 oCSingleton< T >The base abstract Singleton class.
 oCSolverManagerManages solver initiation and updating
 \CTriggerEventBroadcasterForwards collider OnTrigger.. events.